Vos Jennes 

 Topkweekster, Stammoeder van vele Crackduiven

Moeder van "Meeuwke" & Grootmoeder van "Grijske" & "Moeke"

Winnares Gouden Oscar '94 & 1ste Nat. Argenton '91 van 27499 d




Jean Vos has learnt the job of fancier from his father Louis, a good fancier who was a real winner earlier. Jean has been fancying for a couple of years with this generally feared pigeon breeder.

In 1971 however he started on his own account in 'De Oude Baan, 112 in Webbekom, part of the Diesttown, where he has been married. Jean got the very best from his father Louis and from his friend Vilters living in Zelem. With the cock he got from his friend he obtained breeding results.

And father Louis wasn't taking it lying down, he bought for his son what was necessary for his son's success in fancying. And Jean after each daily work, making great sacrifices for his family and his pigeons, carried off in the first race a great reward. So good that he collected champion titles. In his fourth year as fancier, he became General Champion in his club having many members. 

During a period of years his performances became intenser and greater. Everywhere and whatever the race Jean was participating, one ought to take into account this fancier. In 1988 the tandem Vos - Jennes was born in Webbekom, constituted by Jean Vos and his son-in-law Bert Jennes. As early  as in 1989 they were considered as the absolute top fanciers of Hageland.

In 1991 they won with brio the National Argenton race out of  27499 birds. Jean Vos wasn't realising that he was the winner. In the past he lost sereval times a national race by the narrowest of margins, he was convinced he never could win a race and... there it was!

                                         Building of the Strain Vos Jennes

In order to strengthen us own strain, we contacted Gommaire Verbruggen living in Scherpenheuvel and children and grandchildren of legendary champions as " As ", " Kadet ", "020", "Kletskop", " Teen ", " Witneus " , " Zwarte Prins ", " Mannicks ", " Massis " and " Adonis " quickly came to Webbekom. We also made contacts with Houben Jln. for a son of "Viking" and brother "Sony", daughter "Kapitein" and grandchildren of "Jonge Artiest " and of "Sony" again. 

We bought pure Houben-blood birds again from Remi Mattheus and through Everaerts Albert the Van Sweefelt strain out of  "Coenen" , "Sproet" and "Schilderij" lines was strenghtening the flock. Through Louis Vliegen the Van Sweefelt blood has been introduced again. But our first edge of hunger for crack pigeons hadn't been taken off. We bought a daughter of  "Poot Schellens", from Herbots, sons out of  "King" x "Queen" 2nd en 1st Ace pigeon  K.B.D.B. and a son out of "Ieverige". There were also top pigeons from De Ryck Everard comming to our loft. 

                                                                   GRANDDAUGHTER OF ' RIJKSKE ' 



                                                                       DAUGHTER OF 'FLEUR' 



                     ' Dady ' is the Great  Grandmother of  SA 05 50586 in the Dreyer Loft