" GRAND LADY "      1396  GRIZLE HEN         

                                VAN LOON    

 She was a Brillian Racer untill she broke her leg and had to ber retired. Her nestmate sister, 02565/08 went ahead in the season of 2008 and won the best middle distance champion for 2008 of the Bethlehem Racing Pigeon Club and the South Section of the North Eastern Freestate Pigeon Federation. (See the artical in the December 2009 issue of The Pigeon News Magazine. This is Champion Blood!!
  Her Grand Father, WRPU 4641,  bred many winners for Johan Strydom in Bethlehem

This is the Van Loon ' Shadow Family' at their best!! Her Children are scoring big in our Club



  1396 with her favorite Cock 3309 - Note the squeeker in the nest pan - She went ahead as a year old and finished  2nd Young Bird most points. (She was raced every second Saterday for 18 weeks !!)