" VOS VENTER "        5823903      RC COCK  

                         JANSSEN ARENDONK 



 Sire is B94-6661024, "GOEDE VOS 019", superb Vos bred by Janssen Brothers from B91-6680417, "VOS van '91", legendary producer at Janssen brothers loft and B85-6377511, "GROTE DUIVIN 019", daughter of the champion of the Janssen champions, B73-6236019, "019", when paired to B83-6700244, "LAAT GESCHELPT STIER"!

 Dam is NL03-1891199, SCHALIEKE 019, daughter of the superproducer NL01-1305399, ADORATO, and NL98-2119011, dam of winners and ace pigeons, all MERCKX and 019 blood!

                     B 94-6661024

        ' DE GOEDE VOS 019'

                         EYE - N 08 5823903