" SON OF SUPRISE "      25198      BB    COCK

                         VEBRUGGEN x DELEUS    




 Bought from Antonie Visser for Stock Building back to Geeloger Hertog (Son of Kletskop)


SIRE - SA 97 STPU 6776 - 'SUPRISE'

 6776 and his nest mate 6777 are both produce of 2  Belgium imports bought by Boet Troskie and Slang van Zyl from Gommair Verbruggen. 6776 went to Antoon Visser and 6777 were given to Lionel Kelbrick by Slang van Zyl. Both brothers  bred  various club,combine and unioun winners for differant fanciers.
I managed to convince Antoon to give 6776 to me in December 2010 and to try to breed with him but with no sucess. He is now happily retired at Dreyer Loft


Son of "Geeloger Hertog" and Grandson of "de Kletskop"
 This Bird was selected and Imported by Boet Troskie directly from Gommaire Verbruggen.

GRANDMOTHER - B 96 2096230-'KLEIN BLOU HENNETJIE' She was the Granddaughter of 'de Blauwe Kadet.
Kadet sold for R400 000.00
She was brought into the country by Boet Trosky directly from the Verbruggen Lofts.


DAM - SA 02 SA 67175 - 'LADY VICTORY'

Bred by Lionel Kelbrick.Lionel gave her to Antonie Visser 6.07.2002. Antonie bred excelent babys from her. Bought her from Antonie  September 2010. She is a Beuatifull Hen.

GRANDFATHER -  B - 96-2421397 - 'LOUIS PICK'

A hand picked Louis Deleus cock from his world renown 'MAES 1'. This cock was classed by Monty vd Burg as  Excelent breeding material.

GRANDMOTHER - B-98 -2061222

She is a Granddaughter of the Famous 'KLETSKOP' bred by Gommaire Verbruggen.