Guide to Racing Pigeon Breeds


Racing pigeons are athletes! And like athletics, there are different types of races. Racing pigeons are mostly bred for races over sprint, middle and long distance. Racing pigeons are selected for their endurance and speed in a race distance.

Sprint Racing

Janssen based pigeons are all Super Sprinters

Romein Janssens                                                                                                     De Klak                                                                                                                Louis Van Loon                                                                                                    Pelser Janssens


Gebr van den Heuvel are Dutch sprint/middle Janssen Based Family
Gerard and Piet Lindelauf
Jules Severi are Black Huyskens - Van Riels
Adrie van der Rhee
Flor Engels & Sons                                                                                         
Gomaire Verbruggens
Gaby Vandenabeele - His birds are part of Belgian pigeon history
Michel van Lint - The Wizard of Zouteelouw

Long Distance

Jan Aarden International and Jan Aarden Based families - Possibly Europes finest distance family

Combinatie Gerritsens                                                                                           Van Wanroys en vd Wegens

All Purpose

 Busschaert- Supreme all rounders from 150 to 550 miles