" WEAVER "   2953      BBWF HEN 




 She flew a 21st average possition in the Allflight Carnival City competition in Feb 2011.She was bred by Ahmed Cachalia from the well known pigeon fanciers  Cachalia Brothers. One of their other entries won the race.
 2953-Flew -73-Final Gariep Dam-555km
She is bred from a Brian Weaver (USA) - SCMDPR Cock(Houben/Janssen) - and her Mother is a Andre Roodhooft Janssen bred from a bird imported by Ahmed directly from Andre in Antwerpen Belgium. Andre was Crowned 'Emperor of Antwerpen' and  'The King of Antwerpen' more than once






Emperor Union Antwerp 2007
(King 2005 ­ 2006 ­ 2007)

Experience lead to a simple philosophy

Andre Roodhooft had the opportunity to make his work out of his passion because he lived more than a quarter of a century on the territory of the international famous breeding station of the firm Natural. There he knows all, he became a true manager. Pigeons are his passion! There he selected, he breed and he made thousands of people happy with very good races of pigeons. Hereby he created some friendships with people from all over the world, with one thing in common; our pigeon sport! Nowadays André is retired but still every day he visits the breeding station. It's hard to say goodbye to your life work. He still is very supportive to his old colleges because they still search some morel support. Also on several different fairs he's still present, there he meets his old friends and this is all very important to André.

Always being busy in the pigeon sport, lead him to a very simple but effective philosophy. When he moved in 2000 to his present address in Pulderbos, he build a new loft. The previous loft was build on top of the offices of the breeding station and this was known to be a very "exceptional" loft; dry with a lot of fresh air. At the beginning in Pulderbos he worked hard to create the perfect loft. He searched all the negative sides of the loft but nevertheless the results were good but it more was to be found in his head. Finally he gave up and he found out that the pigeon is more important. Still today, there are great differences in temperature between day and night but according to André, it's up to the pigeon to get used to the environment and the care-taking of the boss.

It all starts with the "pigeon".
Here the principal is that "good pigeons come out of good pigeons" or in other words "good blood never lies". Of course the pigeon has to fulfil the conditions of being a good pigeon. The first impression is very important; there has to be a certain balance when you put the animal in your hands, it must be made in one part, strong muscles, a powerful breastbone, well ventilated wings and good feathers. He also prefers confirmed racers and especially ace-pigeons, pigeons that score from 80 till 100% prize. These are his favourites to breed with. That's why we find several ace-pigeons of Union Antwerp, racers that were classified within the national ace-pigeons middle distance and even an Olympic cock. Besides also a brother or a sister out of these pigeons. The earlier base was layed by the pigeons of VdPol, or the old Hofkens-race. Every year again he buys some more pigeons of some strong playing fanciers but the birds always have to fulfil the same rules. The new reinforcement also has to come out of pigeons that already proved on the breeding loft. Sometimes it happens that only one out of three can end up on the breeding section. Then this one will be paired to another "proved bird" of his own colony and when the results of the new-comer aren't better than those of his own kind, they are eliminated.
All that matters here in Pulderbos are the results and that's how André selects! Of course this mlan is very lucky to own some good breeding couples, which are at the base of the present colony. If you have such pigeons, you can go on breeding with them and you can always try some cross-breeding because the good strings always produce good birds.

Selection :
According to André this is the only way to success and he tries to select throughout the year. Young pigeons that don't feel right in the hand, aren't weaned, it's better to eliminate those then loosing your precious time. A next selection happens some weeks later, sometimes there are some youngsters that have some health problems, which have to disappear too. Good pigeons are hard to find and then you have to give them some natural resistance so they remain healthy.
Also on the section of the widowers and of the racing hens, the selection already starts after about 5 flights. As soon as they raced on three middle distance flights and the results don't satisfy, they have to leave. By this way there is more room and extra oxygen on the loft. The results will rise and at that moment he scores from 80 till 90% prize, which is the mark of the colony. Only with the widow hens, the number is kept on 12 till 15 animals, this to keep up their lust to fly. He learned by experience; the smaller the group, the less lust to fly.

The game
At the beginning of the season, André Roodhooft starts with about 40 widowers and 20 hens, which are all played on pure widowhood with a very simple preparation. The racers have to stay in an open aviary from half November till the half of March. Some fanciers call this a cure with oxygen but to André it's more important that he has not that much work. Till the end of December, they get a moulting mixture and at the beginning of January till half of March they get a purification mixture every day and besides they always have enough vitamineral and little stones at their disposal. At the end of February, they are vaccinated against paramixo and next twice against paratyphus and all of this happens with ALL pigeons. When the pigeons arrive back on their loft, they can fly out twice a day. At the beginning of April they get paired and they can broad for about 5 days. In the main time he starts with some short training flights. In this period, when all birds are paired, they get cured against cancer by the drinking water for about 8 days. Once they are apart, they have to train twice a day by the flag. In the morning, around 6.30 for about 45 minutes till one hour and in the evening for 30 or 45 minutes.
The pigeons leave every week in the basket, so they don't get a lot of rest. The classical widowhood remains throughout the season and on medical level they get a cure against cancer every two or three weeks. According to André this is necessary after a flight with hot weather. When the condition goes down, or when they don't score well enough on a certain flight, he uses antibiotics and this also in the drinking water, this will desinfect the pigeons and very soon they will reach the same level again as before. Also depending on the flight and the time they spend to return, the hen can stay with her cock. With the racing hens it's a little different. Here cock and hen can get free flight and they have the opportunity to take a bath, witch they like very much after a flight.
Every day again, something can be found in the drinking pot. At their arrival they get electrolytes, on Sunday this is an anti-cancer powder (every two or three weeks) and otherwise it's Naturaline, always in combination with some apple vinegar (1 soupspoon of each in 1 liter of water). On Monday: Naturaline+appel vinegar. Tuesday they get some vitamins and Sedochol in the water, Wednesday and Thrusday again Naturaline and apple vinegar with every day some fresh garlic.
After the last flight, all pigeons get a cure of 10 days with Parastop or Baytril. This to go into winter as pure as possible. Next they can raise a nest and then they move to the aviary. It's very important that you do all that's necessary. In fact, pigeon sport is taking care of the animals, prepare them well so they should have a good feeling.

The youngsters.
About two weeks after the weaning, these birds get a cure of 10 days against cancer. This is done with the first round but the second and the third round get an anti-cancer tablet when they are weaned. The care-taking is the same as with the old racers and also here he uses a lot of Naturaline in combination with apple vinegar. The young pigeons get darkened from 17.30 till 7.30 in the morning and they can fly out twice a day. Already from the beginning they have to be in the sky or on the loft, the roof is forbidden territory. This is also positive when they return back home from a flight. At the end of April, the youngsters are learned step by step, always looking at the weather conditions. In this period André only trains them by little distance because they're still darkend at that moment and if it's possible he releases them already at 10 o¹clock. It's not necessary to take unnecessary risks in this period! Once the young birds start to pair, they are separated and played by the sliding door. Mainly the middle distance flights of Union Antwerp are on the program and hereby he selects.

Andrè and the futur
André is a very happy man because he succeeded to make his profession out of his hobby. All day long among his feathered friends and he doesn't regret it. What he does know is that our sport becamemore and more a speciality. Towards the future, there will probably will be less fanciers but larger lofts and more towards the "longer distances". He's sure that our sport will keep on going because it became an international sport and more and more people become interested. There's also more interest in the One loft races. In fact, as long as there are pigeons, there will be fanciers.

Championships 2007
Emperor Union Antwerp
King Union Antwerp
1 Gen. Champ. Middle Distance
1 Gen. Champ. Middle Distance Zone East
1 Champ. Middle Distance Zone East Old birds
1 Champ. Middle Distance Zone East Yrl.
1 Champ. Middle Distance Zone East Youngsters
1 Champ. Large Middle Distance Yrl.
1 Ace Middle Distance Old birds : 6381286/05
1 Ace Middle Distance yrl : 6201229/06
2 Ace Middle Distance yrl : 6201130/06
1 Ace Middle Distance Youngsters: 6295093/07

Some results 2007
06/05 Melun (320 km) : 1674 old birds : 4, 8, 9, 11, 12, 21, 30, 36, 44, 46, 48, 55, 85, 98, 178, ..(17/20)
12/05 Melun 2232 Yrl. : 2, 13, 14, 15, 46, 48, 123, 206, 265, ...(16/23)
12/05 Melun 1477 old birds : 7, 10, 20, 44, 55, 57, 76, 90, 166, ...(15/17)
27/05 Bourges (495 km) 356 Old birds: 2, 6, 7, 16, 21, 22, ...(7/8)
Nat. 11933 Old birds: 43, 71, 119, 371, 514, 581, 2786
02/06 Blois (485 km) 2135 Old birds Prov. : 14, 17, 45, 59, 67, 154, 648 (7/8)
03/06 Brive (730 km) 267 Old birds: 8, 15 (2/3)
16/06 Chateauroux (530 km) 3076 Old birds Prov.: 22, 36, 167, 225, 271, 300, 485 (7/8)
23/06 Melun 1030 Yrl. : 4, 5, 81, 140, 143, ...(8/9)
23/06 Melun 481 Old birds: 6, 11, 15, 97,...(5/5)
28/07 Marne (305 km) 446 Yrl. : 1, 18, 43, ...(5/6)
28/07 Marne 321 Old birds: 1, 6, 11, 69 (4/4)

Some top-pigeons
3 brothers out of the super breeding couple
The most important breeding couple, which is staying at the loft are parents of 6250400-04 "den Argenton" ­ 1° Ace Union Yrl.¹07 : 6201229/06 and 2° Ace Union Yrl.¹07 : 6201130/06
Father of these three brothers is the

6153949/01 Super breeder, directly Engels, Putte
Gr.S. : 6495052/94, the 052 Engels, son of the 907/92 (50 Argenton 8065 + 64 Argenton 5064) x 564/91 daughter of the Witte 1 Nat.Bourges
Gr.D. : 6151770/99 Daughter of basic pigeon, the 31 Engels x 936/97 daughter Wittenbuik VdAbeele
Mother of the three brothers is the

6355571/03 Super breeding hen
Gr.S. : 6101141/00 Old base VdPol ­ son of the 323/91 (1 Dourdan 233 ­ 9 Dourdan 1412 ­ 14 Noyon 1509, Š.) x 807/95 with 3 Dourdan 409 - Š.
Gr.D. : 6681610/93 Daughter super breeding couple ­ out of the Super breeder 217/90 (out of donkere Hengst) x Goudklompje 758/89 Lou Wouters.

The Argenton

top racer with met
3 Nat. LIMOGES 17456 Yrl. '05
5 Nat. ARGENTON 5001 old birds '07
1 TOURY 964
44 MELUN 1674
88 TOURY 2071
124 ARGENTON 3879
179 ORLEANS 2491


1 MARNE 446
5 MELUN 1030
13 MELUN 881
31 TOURY 1129
46 MELUN 2232


6 NOYON 1714
10 TOURY 1129
18 MARNE 446
48 MELUN 2232
62 NOYON 1183
73 MELUN 881
133 MARNE 2458
175 MELUN 2223

1 ACE UNION Old birds
Sire : 120994-04

Gr.S. : 6101054-00 son of the 168-93 (2 Dourdan 2894 ­ 17 Dourdan 2260 ­ 22 Dourdan 3259) x 857-92 VdPol
Gr.D. : 6475114-01 Lou Wouters string Super couple x VDyck

Dam : 6355923-03

Gr.S. : 6101141/00 Old base VdPol ­ son of the 323/91 (1 Dourdan 233 ­ 9 Dourdan 1412 ­ 14 Noyon 1509, Š.) x 807/95 with 3 Dourdan 409 - Š.
Gr.D. : 6681610/93 Daughter super breeding couple ­ the Super breeder 217/90 (out of donkere Hengst) x Goudklompje 758/89 Lou Wouters.

3 MELUN 1079
6 MELUN 481
7 DOURDAN 2666
7 TOURY 444
8 MELUN 1674
8 DOURDAN 1399
11 MARNE 321
16 SALBRIS 349
26 TOURY 1579
72 DOURDAN 1762
76 MELUN 1477

To end with, another crack, the 1° ACE UNION Yrl.¹06 : 6381345-05 (as a yearling he scored with an exceptional prize-list ­ 10 weeks in row with a minimum of prizes per 20 - after these results he moved to the breeding loft)
1 MELUN 1079
5 ORLEANS 4253
7 DOURDAN 1662
7 DOURDAN 1399
7 MARNE 466
8 DOURDAN 1004
12 MELUN 764
18 ARLON 495
19 TOURY 1751
19 DOURDAN 1350