"RED RUBY"  084  RC

                                   ROMEIN JANSSEN 

Red Ruby - ZA 10 NN 084
Red Ruby - ZA 10 NN 084

                   Pedigree Sire                                   Pedigree Dam            


 She was bred by Kierie Kriegel from pigeons that he imported directly from Frederikshof in Twello Holland. Frederikshof is also known as the Mekka of the Red Foxes.

She carries the blood of the famous "Golden Koppel"  - "Vos De Bijter x Schoon Voske"  on Both her Father and Mother's Side.

Her Father - NL 08-1163887 (Romein Rood) -carry the blood of the "Famous 05" bred by Bertie Camphuis.

 Also found in her Pedigree , on Father side,are birds from Peter van Osch, Peer van Gompel and then also direct Arendonk Janssens with the likes of " Goede Mallie" , "Schoon Voske van 68" , " De Kleine Vos" and Mallie Peeoog" being some of her ancestors

The well known "Car Winnaar" of Cor Buis are also featuring on the pedigree of her Father

Her Mother - ZA 08 OERF 04002 (Red Check) Father is a Grand Son of the famous Freek Romeins Cock "Rooi Appie" a Direct Son of the "Golden Koppel"