SANPO - Konstitusie 2013                   SANPO Bylaag D+E+F - Mandjie en Klok Prosedure

SANPO -Constitution 2013                   SANPO Bylaag G - Verbode Middels


Above -The pictures “Hangklip” - Hanging Rock – Towering majestically over our town Louis Trichardt. (Makhado)

Our Club “HPDK -Hangklip Posduif Klub” is part of the VNRF (“Verre Noord Reisiesduif Federasie”) – A federation who is affiliated from SANPO (South African National Pigeon Organization).

The Federation covers the Far Northern part of our country in the Limpopo province. Towns included in their area are Polokwane, Louis Trichardt, Tzaneen, Levubu, Hoedspruit, Phalaborwa, Messina en Alldays.

Our Club consists on average of 15 flying members and although we are a small Club the competition is very strong and intense. Our Pigeons are basket and released with the Federation birds. (Ave. 40 members) We fly 18 weeks starting normally the first weekend in June every year. We are allowed to basket 12 pigeons each per race and we race every weekend 3 races consisting of one Young Bird and two Open Races (36 pigeons per member). Each member must pay an amount of R 4000.00 racing fee for the season towards the Federation to cover the cost of the truck and driver etc.

 The committee members of our club for 2014 were elected as follows

·         Nico Bezuidenhout – Chairman

·         Johan Dreyer – Vice Chairman and Treasurer

·         Carl Volschenk – Secretary

·         Ben Pienaar – Race Secretary

·         Nicky Dercksen – Electronic Clocks

·         Johan Venter – Hand Clocks

 We also have a yearly young bird auction and the money in the pool is paid out in 4 Young Bird races to the first 10 places. This year we had another record year with the pool on an estimated R 220 000.00.

5% of the sales go to the club to strengthen their bank and the club pays R 1000.00 as subsidy towards each members racing moneys due to the Federation.

The club owns its own “bakkie” and members practice together and the fuel expense is shared by them. The members make turns to drive the vehicle and two members drive together to oversee the liberation. We normaly do 3 tosses a week after the races started and it consist of a 40 km on Tuesdays, a 80km on Thursdays and a 120km on Saterdays. This will cost a member aproximatly R 200.00 for the week. 

We are a close group of people who likes to social and we will find any excuse to “braai” and “kuier”. Every basket evening and every Race Result event is a highlight and is attended by all the family members making all our events special.  

We are extremely lucky to have a Chairman in the likes of Nico Bezuidenhout who really care and support all the members of our club. He always gives unselfishly advice to all that ask him for help. He is the glue that keeps the members together and when conflict arises he will be the one that will settle the arguments and bring peace.

The Bezuidenhout family are fierce competitors resulting in them to hold the club champion toffee high for the last 10 years plus. - In 2012 father Nico and son Gerhard  ended up with the same points resulting in them sharing the Cup. In 2011 and 2013 Gerhard beated his Father but the cup still stayed in the family - Well done Nico and Gerhard but be aware there is always next year and we are comming!!

      Father and Son - Gerhard and Nico Bezuidenhout - In front are all the trofies they won in 2013

             ( Gerhard - Club Champion of 2013 and Nico second) - Well done !!)

                                                                             Our Club House

                      The beginning

The Club occupied a excisting building on the property of the Bezuidenhout family and modified it into a Club House.

        Most of the work was done by Nico who also by utilizing the expertise of our Club members had the electrical and plumbing done for free



                                     Price Giving and Year end Function November 2013

                             The Trophies

     The wife’s of the member helped to decorate the Club House and the tables were set for the feast after the price giving

                                                                           Year End Function - 2012

                                                                                Fishing Trip - 2011

                                                                               Year End Function - 2010

                                                                              Kruger Park 2009