Family Massacre !!

19 April 2012

     The killer cat came in the night and entered the breeding pen by walking on the back wall of the loft and slipped through a gap between the wall and the fence.

He then killed the Father, the Mother and the two 30 day old chicks by a single expertly aimed bite to the head of each one. 

 He dragged the one chick to the side of the loft where he tried to escape with the prey but he could not manage to take the chick with. He then fed on this chick in the typical fashion his species do, by eating the head and the crop of the bird only.

 He silently slip back through the gap between the wall and the fence where he entered, disappearing in the darkness, leaving behind him a macabre scene of blood and body’s.

What a sad day!!


       This was the scene that greeted me when I entered the loft in the morning.

They were the only breeders left in the loft and would have left the pens the same morning. - Bad timming!!.

              The cat tried to take this yungster with but he could not manage.

                       The Cock and the Hen-Both with killer bites to the heads

  The gap between the wall at the back and the fence where the killer sliped through.

           The fence at the back was not totaly flush with the wall-creating a cap 



  NL 01 - 1416609 - Imported Janssen Cock.  - 'PRINCE JUNIOR'

 I bought him from Lionel Kelbrick  and gave it to Johan Venter as a present.  

  NL 05 - 211064 - Imported Hans Eijerkamp Hen

 I imported this Hen from Holland in 2011 - This was her first mating on African Soil - Shame that it have to end this way. The money lost is not an issue , but the genes that were lost is a unmeasurable loss.