The Small and Large Spotted Genet's

         ( Afrikaans - Muskeljaatkat)

               The Small Spotted Genet

               ( Genetta genetta )

           The Large Spotted Genet

                       ( Genetta tigrina )

  The small spotted genet (Genetta genetta) differs from the large spotted genet (Genetta tigrina) not in physical size, but in the size of the spots.

The two types can usually be told apart by the tail - the large spotted genet, in addition to its larger spots, has a black-tipped tail, while the small spotted genet's tail has a tip that is a paler, buffy white color.

  A Genet on the prowl - They are very agile and can maneuver their slim bodys through very small gaps.

 Quick Stats

                                          Small spotted Genet

General Info.

Diet: - Carnivore

Overall Length: - 0.96 m

Weight: - Male & Female - 2.2 kg

Lifespan - 10 years


The Small-spotted Genet (Genetta genetta) and the Rusty or Large-spotted Genet (Genetta tigrina) are both widely distributed in southern Africa, but are less common than the civet.

They have long tails and their shaggy coats are spotted and striped with bold patches and blobs of black and white which offer excellent camouflage. These small animals have a mass of about two kilograms and a shoulder height of about 150 millimeters.

They are not often seen as they are most active at night where they hunt on any small creatures such as mice, rats, birds, and Racing Pigeons, lizards and insects. By day, they hide in sheltered crevices, hollow logs, old burrows or in thick masses of shaded vegetation. In Louis Trichardt we found them livving in the stormwater gutters next to the roads in the supberbs.

After a gestation period of around 75 days, 2-4 young are born.


     Order - Carnivora                          Family - Viverridae

       Sub Family - Viverrinae                  Genus - Genetta

                                 Species - Genetta genetta

Although they killed my pigeons, I have no ill feelings towards them. I must just make sure my loft is vermin proof to prevent incidences like this happen again. They are beautiful creatures created by the same God that created our pigeons and with us humans invading their space, we cannot really blame them. They are well equiped to kill the way they do and I admire them for who and what they are.

-johan dreyer-  




Video of a Small Spotted Genet in the Kruger Park in South Africa - Spotted on a night Drive