Dreyer Loft and Mof Els 


Dreyer Loft obtained birds from Mof Els who are friends with Monty Van Der Burg for Years.

Mof collected yearly from Monty his last eggs of the season and in this way build a colony of pigeons almost duplicating the famous birds of Monty. This includes the progeny of the famous 1801 Janssen Cock, the Old Putteries and the magical Van Rhijn-Kloeck birds that made Monty Famous. 

I met Mof Els early in 2010 in Bronkhorstspruit where he was the manager of the Tai Temple complex just outside town.

                     The impressive Tai Temple outside Bronhorstspruit

 Mof was member of the tough OERF union but was not racing anymore due to his work commitments and little time.

He offered me a basket of youngsters to race with in my club in Louis Trichardt which I gladly accepted. His youngsters performed very well and I went back to him late in 2010 to order more youngsters for the new season. Big was my surprise when Mof offered me 12 of his best breeding pairs to take with and to breed my own youngsters with them. I gladly except his offer and took the pigeons to Dreyer Loft where I bred 1 round of chicks from each pair. I took the breeding pairs back to Mof in 2011 and flew with the youngsters, again they raced excellent and I was impressed with their quality.

Mof and I became good friends over time and when he retired and moved to Pretoria to stay with his children he contacted me and offered me his whole colony of breeding birds as a gift. His only request was that I took proper care of them which I promises I will. I collected 55 birds from Mof and relocate them to Dreyer Loft where I will start breeding with them in 2014.

Mof also had some excellent Bricoux that was passed down from his father to him. This family of grizzlies also raced excellent for me and a few are already included in my stock where they shown their worth as breeders.



                                                                               SA 09 OERF 02987

               Bricoux Cock from Mof Els in Dreyer Loft - His children is racing well.

 A Son of 2987 crossed with a Verbruggen Hen - ZA 12 VNRF 5315 flew 6th place in the one auction race cashing in    R 7000.00 for Dreyer Loft