Stray Reporting

It is not unusual for racing pigeons to come down for a rest, especially during training or racing.

If you wish to do so please provide food, bird seed or uncooked rice or lentils are all suitable – please ensure water is available in a deep dish, DO NOT feed racing pigeons bread!

Once the racing pigeon has had food and water (a bit like a “pit stop”) it will probably decide to continue its journey home – indeed if you remove the food and water after a maximum of 48 hours this should encourage it to complete the final leg of its journey home.

If after a few days (or if the pigeon is obviously injured or showing signs of distress) it may be necessary to contain the bird in such a way as not to injure it – so that it cannot fly away (ie cardboard box). In the first instance you will need to check that the pigeon has a ring on its leg. If the pigeon does not have a ring on its leg, it is more likely a wild or feral pigeon rather than a racing pigeon.

Should you find a stray racing pigeon and open its wing, you may find, stamped on one or more feathers, the name and address and/or telephone number of the owner or the Club Race Secretary. Alternatively the name and address of the owner may be found on another ring on the pigeon’s leg.

If this is not the case then please follow the instructions below

 Please complete the form below to enable us to contact you.

 Indicate where you stay

Write down the full ring number/s on the pigeons legs

State if the pigeon is dead or alive or hurt

Thank you for getting involved - our pigeons are very imported to us.

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