1982: Entrance of the Soontjes-pigeons 
When you are standing on the highest rung of the pigeon sport ladder, it is very difficult to find equally matched … let alone 'better quality' to strengthen your loft , or at least to keep the performance level at the same ´superior level´. And yet, now and again a 'fresh drop' of new blood is introduced, in order to remain at this level. A 'conditio sine qua non' to be able to stay at the 'lonely top' for so long.
 A nice anecdote here is without doubt the story which was to lead Pros to Wommelgem… to
Jos Soontjens. It was the year that the first ‘Golden Pigeon’ competition was organised… we refer to 1981… and who stood there as first on the podium? You’ve probably guessed… Pros Roosen! The ‘big man’ in the sprint in this championship at the time was a certain Jos Soontjens… for the majority a noble unknown, but already a very strong speed demon… about the best that Antwerp possessed at the time! Pros had to find out why… and so set out for Wommelgem, no, not directly to the ‘Jos’ himself… but to the local pigeon club, to the opponents of Jos Soontjens… and he soon learned that it was almost impossible to race against the Soontjens pigeons in the region… they took the first prizes and the highest prize money week after week. Pros knew enough… and he bought the voucher from Jos Soontjens at the celebration of the ‘Golden Pigeon’… for almost ‘next to nothing’, as at that time Jos will still unknown to the wide pigeon public. That was soon to change when Pros visited Wommelgem by Jos Soontjens to cash in his voucher… and was impressed by the ‘sprint canons’ residing in Wommelgem. The wonder breeding couple “Late Tom x Chequered Verherstraeten”, which lay at the basis of a line of phenomenal 1° Prize winners… was especially impressive! Pros immediately ordered 2 rounds of youngsters  (3° + 4° round 1982) from Jos… the game was immediately on the right track, when the first  Soontjens pigeons made their entrance in Kermt in1982… because from the first race for which they were basketted in Kermt they won the 1° prizes !

Long before other fanciers had noticed this…  Pros was visiting Jos Soontjes in Wommelgem. Pros obtained 15 direct children from the super couple (Late Tom x Chequered Verherstraeten), in addition to numerous children out all the best racers and breeders of the strongly inbred Jos Soontjes colony.  Every year between the 30 and 40 youngsters moved from Wommelgem to Kermt… Pros bought a total of between 200 to 250… raced them all, and then selected to the bone. The introduction of the Soontjes pigeons in Kermt was an ‘injection of gold’! Where Pros had previously stood on the highest rung, the Soontjes pigeons pushed him even a rung higher… the performances of the Pros Roosen colony were simply ‘outstanding’, it was just impossible to race against this man. A new era dawned… 2 new ‘Super cracks’ saw the light of day, acting under the names of “Computer I” 903/82 and “Computer II” 876/85, furthermore half-brothers stemming from the  same father : “Tom”! They gave him ‘eternal fame’. We can probably say that it was Pros Roosen who gave the Jos Soontjes pigeons worldwide effluence… gave them ‘world fame’ !
-    Th
e “Computer I” B82-6059903: became Ace pigeon KBDB, Ace pigeon B.D.S., won 9 x 1° Prizes (without doubles) and 20 x in the 'first 3 prizes' in the period 1983-1985.
- The "Computer II": won 13 x 1° Prizes, 56 x per 10 and 80 prizes 

 1° Prov Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB '89

2nd Prov Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB '88

5° Nat. Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB '89

6° Prov Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB '  ‘90

Pigeons with unbelievable results, with which Pros made short work of the competition .