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It is an article on the pigeons from Jos Soontjens.

Fellow sportsmen sometimes ask me ‘what is the biggest mistake you ever made?’ Then the answer may be: ‘I made many mistakes and one of them was not buying birds from Jos Soontjens when I was there long way back.’ In those days William Geerts was the terror of the province of Antwerp. I still remember William’s words then: ‘I have one problem. To prepare my birds for the Middle Distance races I have to participate a short distance race from Noyon before and from that station Soontjens is unbeatable’. So to Soontjens I went and when I was there I asked him who his greatest competitor was. Jos, who was not a bragger at all, said: ‘I have only one competitor, the wind.’ Still I did not buy his birds since I was so naïve as to think they could only handle the Short Distance. Geerinckx however, who lived in the same town, was smarter than I was. He imported Soontjens birds and shortly after he became a Champion at short distance, later on at Middle Distance and in recent years he is outstanding at the one-day races.  When I was at Serge van Elsacker’s in the summer of 2006 I congratulated him on his fantastic results.  ‘Thanks’ Serge said, adding ‘you should congratulate Geerinckx as well, you can’t believe how strong he is again this year’.  How good the Soontjens birds are will certainly be confirmed by Herbots and Pros Roosen.