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Their view on SOONTJENS

To help you with this endeavour we would like to introduce some fantastic pigeons from a bloodline which became the foundation of several champion lofts in Belgium and abroad. We are talking about the Soontjens pigeons.

Jos Soontjens of Wommelgem in the Antwerp province was unbeatable on distances between 110 and 360 km. There was a racing season where all fifteen races of 225 km (Noyon) were won by Jos Soontjens, and this in a combine of 8 villages and more than 600 members (!). These and other results inspired fanciers like Pros Roosen, Romain Moons and Luc, Bart and Jurgen Geerinckx to improve their stock. With their pigeons based on the Soontjens bloodline they won national and provincial races and Belgian National K.B.D.B. championships and Ace pigeons.

These results stimulated us to get some Soontjens stock as well. Facing the fact that Jos Soontjens had meanwhile passed away, we went to a man who bought 38 original Soontjens and purchased two rounds of youngsters from him. One round we sold on to a fancier in South Africa, the other round we ordered for ourselves. Our reasons for sourcing our Soontjens at this particular fancier’s loft were simple: all the originals he bought were from famous birds like “Geschifte”, “Verherstraete hen” (the red basic mother of the Soontjens pigeons), “Tom”, “White Tom”, “Late Tom”, “Little Tom”, etc. Moreover, this fancier wins 20 to 25 firsts each season!

Meanwhile the South African fancier let us know he won several top prizes with descendants from the Soontjens round he bought from us. A friend of ours in Ireland similarly let us know that a youngster he got from our round won a very hard race. This news confirms the quality of the Soontjens stock we purchased