This page is dedicated to a dear pigeon friend and gentleman of the sport


      Johan was a member of our club, the Hangklip Racing Pigeon Club, where he served as secretary and treasurer before his untimely departure.  

     Pigeons were always a part of Johan’s live but he left the sport in 1975 only to reenter again in 2004. Johan‘s legs were amputated due to bad blood circulation to his feet caused by Diabetes mellitus.

    He left behind a memory of a man with guts, who in spite of his physical restraints, became a pigeon fancier of note.  To operate from a wheel chair did not stop him to practice his sport and to handle his feathered friends daily. With the help of his cleaner and loft manager, Johan build his own lofts and nest boxes and baskets. He even made baskets for other club members on order and the quality of his workmanship was outstanding. Johan made his loft user friendly to assist him with the challenges he faced to practice the sport. He modified the lofts and doors to accommodate his wheel chair. He lowered the nest boxes and ceilings to allow him to handle the breeders and to ring the youngsters; he put in shelves low enough to store his food and medicine etc. etc.

    Johan made friends easily and were very popular with the other members of the club, who were always more than eager to help him with the transport and road training of the racers. His wife again assists Johan in the handling and basketing of the pigeons. He design his loft in such a way that he could chase them of the perches with a dowel stick from his chair and guide them through the corridor to the basket at the end, but he preferred to handle them with her help to make sure they are ready and fit for the race ahead. His wife told me that the pigeons became so trained that he only had to point to a pigeon with the dowl and that pigeon will enter the corridor to be basketed!!

     I decided to enter this page on my web after I was approached by a fancier who also have similar challenges and asked me what the possibilities and chances are for him to participate in this sport in his condition. My answer is simply this - Johan Seegers showed us that with the right attitude, dedication and above all ,the help of other fanciers and family - one can easily share one’s life with this amazing specie created by God – The Racing Pigeon!

          Johan will be dearly missed by the pigeon fraternity of Louis Trichardt.

-          johan dreyer -


                                                              Johan  -  Inspecting a bird

                                                      Johan with his cleaner and loft helper

                                                                                The trap to the Loft

The hight of the speedtraps were ajusted to alow Johan to catch and clock the pigeons easily from the inside of the loft.