More about my Birds and me.....

 I got involved with racing pigeons at the age of ten years through a friend of my Dad in Lichtenburg, where I was born, and I bred and raced pigeons until I was 18 years old. I left home after school to study Bsc. at Potchefstroom University and between meeting girls and building a career, I never got back to pigeons again. My Dad sold and gave them away after a while.

In 2007 I met Johan Venter in Louis Trichardt, who, with his fanatic love for racing pigeons, fuelled my interest again and he convinced me to start again. Johan Venter gave me the best advice ever. He told me not to take hand downs from other fanciers but to buy the best breeders I can afford. He told me quality counts and not quantity. Johan Venter is my Racing  partner under the name J & J Combined Lofts where we pool our young and race together as one loft in our club and province (Far Northen Racing Federation). We also compete in one loft races such as Allflight Carnival City. www.allflight.co.za . We will soon enter the arena at Sun City!! www.scmdpr.co.za

 I started to read a lot about difference strains and different breeders and on the web, two names caught my attention, that of Gommaire Verbruggen and the lofts of Flor Engels and Sons, both from Belgium. There was something about these two great fanciers that got me hooked and I decided to invest in their bloodlines.

I bought my first 4 pairs from Lionel Kelbrick here in South Africa in 2008. Lionel was the best thing that could ever happen to my pigeon dreams. He was a personal friend of both Gommaire and Flor and his two sons, Joss and Jules, and with his outgoing character and with his warm personality, managed to obtain some of the best stock from both lofts. I dedicated a separate page to Lionel Kelbrick to give you more insight into the life of this brilliant and wonderful person. Lionel passed away in 2009 and I am glad that I was privileged enough to have met him, and to had him as a friend, even if it was for  such a short time.

At the auction that followed Lionel's death, I was fortunate to buy another 6 x Verbruggen and another 10 x Flor Engels offspring. I also bought 4 x Van Loon Jansen offspring because Lionel once advice me to bring this line in for cross breeding with the other two strains when breeding racers. 

These birds are now the foundation of my loft and I will seriously start to test their young in the 20010 season. 

In beginning 2009 I entered some of my young with the first class trainer IP Du Preez in his Loft  in Pietersburg (Polokwane) which is 100km south of Louis Trichardt, where they performed well in the 5 race "Bakkie Race" held by the Far Northen Racing Federation . SA 08 PBG 1641 C (Verbruggen x Flor Engels) won a 1st and a second  price in two of the   the Hotspots. He was bred from the first 4 pairs I bought and I was ecstatic to see the young performing straight away.  View the results on the web www.racingpigeon.co.za under Polokwane-Bakkie Race 2009. We entered under the name Venter and Dreyer. The reason why I test them in Polokwane is that Polokwane is the biggest concentration of clubs and fanciers in our federation and here you compete against the best in the region. Because my young did so well under the guidiance of IP he ask me to keep them for another year as he wants to race with them next year in his club championships. He also invited me to send 6 off my 2009 offspring to join his lofts for next year’s young bird Races. IP Du Preez can be reached for comments on the quality of the DREYER LOFT offspring at  idupreez@justice.gov.za


I will keep you posted on the results!!!