The "Super" van Scherpenheuwel in Belgium 


           The impressive Lofts of Gommaire Verbruggen in Belgium. The double story lofts acomodates the Racers on top and the Breeding pairs at the bottom. On the left in the back is the loft that houses the long distance Racers.(Fond)




 Lionel Kelbrick, and the master himself, Gommaire Verbruggen  infront of his lofts in Belgium 


 The single breeding Pens to ensure corect mating (40)


 The 'Gouden Paar' bred a string of Champion Racers and Breeders never to be repated again in Belgium. One of their Sons 'de Kletskop' became a legend world wide.

                 The folowing Breeders are the ancestors of the Verbruggen's found in the Dreyer Loft. 








           ' GEELOGER HERTOG'   

 Son of 'KLETSKOP' and Grand Father to '6776' in the Dreyer Loft


 The Building of a Pigeon Strain

Gommaire started with the pigeon sport in 1970. His father races in partnership with an uncle.The birds were in a loft at the uncle's house. Because Gommaire owned a car, he helped his father and uncle, taking the birds/ going to club, tossing, Gommaire got interested in this sport. He started racing by himself. He was lucky to have a few good. basic birds from Moons-Briers (Tessenderlo). Out of two of these birds he bred De Wondertik 660- 70. his first good speed racer. A few years later these birds also had good results at middle distance (+.- 350 km). In 1976 Gommaire bought his first basic breeder; the cock "De AS 2231035-72." lst ace pigeon speed KBDB In 1974. He knew how good this cock was. Gommaire had to race him with his own birds. The AS, owner Maurice Van de Velde (Schoonderbuken), always won lst prize with head wind, a total 17 times first prize. The AS was matched with several hens and 3 basic birds were born, 2 hens and one cock: Witpenneke As (cock). Klein Aske (hen and Donker AS (hen). On these 3 birds is the loft Verbruggen built. The cock Witpenneke AS 2012045- 78 (AS x 458- 77. last daughter of 466-66 Frans Stoles) matched up to the hen 125-81 (daughter Witneus Meulemans x Schellens) is the parent of 020-83. This cock 2530020-83 won lst Provincial Orleans 1489 p, 41st National14.042 p. In 1985 10th National Bourges in 1980, 87th National 11.066 p 1986. 113th Semi-national Chateauroux 10.417 p. 2nd Provincial Blois 765 p. 4th Provincial Orleans 1,608 p. He became basic bird in the 020- strain. A basic daughter from AS (AS x 158-74, old strain Wondertik x Sebrechts) is Donker Aske 23670 17- 77. Paired up to 017-78, direct son of Kadet (K. Meulemans). They are parents of the basic cock 2118002-86. He won lst Etampes 558 p, lst Bourges 3.880 p. 2nd National Bourges 13.154p. 1st Toury 558 p. 5th Etampes 756 p. 2nd Toury 810 p, 159th Semi-National Chateauroux 11, 286p, 28th National Bourges 23,297 p basic cock of the Kadet -Strain.

The second daughter of AS (AS x hen Frans Van Dijck) is National Bourges 18,219 p. This daughter paired up to Schilderij was the best breeding pair I have ever had. In 31 years in the pigeon sport I only had one excel- lent breeding couple," says Gommaire. "Many good breeding but a pair like this is once in a lifetime."


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