HATCHED - 28 JUNE 2011                         CWF         COCK

                                              SIERENS/HOUBEN X VERBRUGGEN/DELEUS

                                                                           R 1 500.00

                                                                       INCL DELIVERY-RSA



 Sire = 13020 -Sierens/Houben bred by Daan and Bettie Nel from Parys. This bird carry the blood of the famous Andre Carelsen 'Die Sierens' (B 91-3080246) on both his parents sides.
Dam = 6715-Verbruggen, Deleus cross bred by Lionel Kelbrick and given to Antonie Visser who bred excelent racers from her.

Sire - http://www.dreyerloft.com/se-za-07-vpu-13020.php
Dam - http://www.dreyerloft.com/vb---sa-02-sa-6715.php