" EURECA "  2110644    BB HEN   

                           EIJERKAMP JANSSEN 

                       ( DIRECT IMPORT BY DREYER LOFT)


NL05-2110644 Duivin - Kld Bartoli - Rechtstreeks Hans Eijerkamp & Znn - 100% Eijerkamp-Janssen


Vader: NL02-1115211 Thor
Winnaar van 32 prijzen, waaronder 23e/13615, 31e/11821, 42e/8614, 43e NPO/4561 enz.

GV: NL96-5639312 Bartoli
Olympiadeduif Allround te Blackpool in 1999 net o.a. 1e Cchateauroux tegen 1112 duiven (4e Nat. tegen 7470), 2e Orleans tegen 2165 (4e Nat.) enz...
GM: NL97-2555447 Dochter Big Bond
Big Bond is een volle broer van James Bond met 49 prijzen waaronder 14x 1e en 7x 2e! Dochter Big Bond is tevens kleindochter van Goldfinger, beste jonge asduif WHZB 1987!

Moeder: NL04-1558930 100% Janssen - Arendonk

GV: NL89-2558508 Kleinzoon Oude Lichte 100% Janssen - Arendonk
GM: NL99-1868842 Kleindochter Fameuze 05 Janssen - Arendonk





Bartoli - 96-5639312 - Eijerkamp & Sons

'Bartoli' is winner of
  • 10th All-round pigeon at the Olympiad in Blackpool 1999
  • 1. Chateauroux 1,112 birds
  • 4. Nat. NPO Chateauroux  7,470 birds
  • 2. Orleans  2,165 birds
  • 4. Nat. NPO Orleans 13,250 birds
  • 4. Bourges 1,327 birds
  • 5. Pont St. Maxence 1,966 birds

= Bartoli van 1996
Olympiade deelnemer
Blackpool 1999
Sportklasse Allround
1e Chateauroux
tegen 1.112 duiven
4e Nat.Chateauroux
tegen 7.470 duiven
2e Orleans 2.165 d.
4e Nat.Orleans
Vader Bartoli
= Vader Bartoli
Pure de Klak doffer
uit de lijnen van
de Vechter. Bartoli
wint in 1998
4e Nat.Chateauroux
tegen 7.470 duiven
1e Chateauroux 1122d
4e Nat.Orleans
tegen 13.250 duiven
Br.322 Kweekdoffer
Broer 322 Kweek-
doffer. Rechtstreeks
Borgmans. Grootvader
Dochter 322 x 483
Dochter 322 Kweek-
doffer. Grootmoeder

Moeder Bartoli
Moeder Bartoli
uit de lijnen van
Geeloger '67 en
Jonge Merckx.
Bartoli won in '98
4e Nat.Chateauroux
tegen 7470 duiven
4e Nat.Orleans
tegen 13250 duiven
96e Nat.Boruges
Kweekdoffer 729
Kweekdoffer 729 van
de Gebr de Wit uit
Koudekerk. Groot-
vader van Bartoli
Uit Kweekkoppel
Uit kweekkoppel
Kleindochter van
de Bosboer. Groot-
moeder Bartoli


The Eijerkamp - Janssen racing pigeons

In 1964 the first racing pigeons were bought at the lofts of the brothers Janssen in Arendonk. Hans was able to buy de "Oude Bange van 64" (people who know about racing pigeons, say that this is one of the best birds of the Janssen brothers ), a son of the "Dikke Blauwe" (who is greatly found in the pedigree of "Romario"), a daughter of "De Stier", a son of the "Schone Lichte" and a son of "Kaaskop".

Hans Eijerkamp and Sons on one of their many visits at the Janssen Bros in Arendonk

These pigeons are still found in several bird pedigrees. In 1973 Hans once again went back to the Janssen brothers on the Schoolstraat in the Belgian Arendonk, because the ordered a young bird of 800 guilders out of the world-famous "Merckx". When he stepped in the loft two beautiful chequers caught his attention. It was the "Merckx 092" and the "Merckx 093", children of the famous "Merckx".

Hans Eijerkamp and Louis Jansen

In 1974 Hans used one of the two hens to team up with the "Oude Bange '64" and yet another amazing breeding pair was formed. Offspring of this amazing pair was the world-famous hen "Bange 780". Every offspring these two pigeons gave were gold! All of the success Hans Eijerkamp and Sons achieved is thanks to this amazing breeding pair. It was the beginning of the start of an Eijerkamp-Janssen breed.
With several cocks the "Bange 780" produced massive winners but especially when paired to the legendary NL 77-476105 "Famous 05", best middle distance pigeon of the Netherlands WHZB 1981, she formed a true super pair. In 1985 they bred two genuine top hens, with an incredible influence in the Janssen strain; "Blauwe 141" became dam to "Flits". This cock bird won seven 1st prizes on short distance races and was 2nd in the Utrecht Olympiad short distance birds. He was also the grandsire to "Miss Saigon" who was the 2nd Nat. ace pigeon short distance WHZB 2000. "Goede 142" is dam to "Jonge Generaal" (Olympiad bird Basel 1997 with fife times 1st) and "Jumbo" (three times 1st in big competition and sire to "Lady Jumbo" - 1st Nat racing hen WHZB 2000). The last two are sons to "De Generaal". Later on many other ace pigeons from the superb "Famous 05" line were added to the unbeatable Janssen colony, containing "James Bond" (best middle distance pigeon of the Netherlands 1984) and "Glamourboy" (1st Nat. NPO Etampes of 13.142 birds and seven times 1st in other races). Glamour boy"s grandchildren are "Mister Loverman" a/o 1st Nat. racing cock WHZB 2000 and the world champion of young birds 1996, "Loverboy". In 1993 "Romario" represented the Eijerkamp name at the Olympiad in Gran Canary. This cock bird is once again the offspring of "Schone Lichte van 1964" and "Merckx 093". "Romario" also produced very good offspring. A current great hen is "Anna", this hen won three 1st prizes in big competition and she is a granddaughter to a sister of "Romario".

In the late nineties the superior "Bartoli" was purchased, a superb cock bird of the old Janssen lines that made it to the Blackpool Olympiad in 1999 and achieved two times top 10 positions in National NPO flights. The lines of "Famous 05" when crossed to the "Verbart 46" lines brought the 2nd and the 4th Nat. ace pigeon WHZB 1990, "Wonderboy 05" and "Wonderboy 06" who both grew out to phenomenal birds at Eijerkamp. Great introduction of "Tips"

Is without doubt the greatest breeder that the "Kleine Dirk" family of Cornelius & Gerard Koopman ever brought! Hans Eijerkamp and Sons had to dig deep into their pockets in November 2005 during the total sale of Marijke Vink in order to get the Superpair "Tips" x "Geschelpt Kannibaaltje". They became parents of 11 different first prize winners of which "Farah Diba" is the most known as she was 1st National Ace pigeon One Day distance WHZB. Another well known son of this pair is "Reza" that was entitled best Middle distance pigeon in 28,332 birds, 1st Chantilly 21,892 birds and 1st Chantilly 10,589 birds. Unfortunatuly the "Geschelpt Kannibaaltje" only bred 4 youngsters at the Eijerkamp lofts as she stopped laying eggs. In order to continue this never ending story the "Tips" is alternately paired with various "super hens" … only with "the best of the best" of course and in this way he already bred again a superbreeding birds in the Eijerkamp lofts.

The Bond dynasty.

By purchasing the glorious "James Bond", Hans Eijerkamp and Sons started a true Bond dynasty all over the world. This blue cock himself was crowned 1st National Ace pigeon Middle distance pigeon of the Netherlands WHZB in 1984, the number of winners he bred into many generations is incredible. At Eijerkamp "James Bond's" grandson "Silvester", the 1st National Ace pigeon short distance WHZB 1997 attained great fame in racing as well as breeding. His successor of the moment is the great "Porsche Bond". In 2001, the magnificent "Mister Bond" who is a grandson to "Porsche Bond" had his moment of glory by winning the 1st place in the Nat. NPO Bourges race against 10,221 birds He won a total of three times 1st and was also a/o crowned as 2nd long distance bird and the 3rd place in amalgamation in 2000. In 2003 another grandchild to "Porsche Bond" won a National race. This time it was a hen named "Catharina Amelia" that won the National young bird derby Troyes by beating 10,281 birds. She was directly bred from the great bird "Caribbean Bond". In 2004 the Eijerkamp hen "Miss Antonia" completed the trilogy. She became the third grandchild to win the National NPO Bourges race. She won over 10,040 birds. One of the latest superstars is "Hester"; this hen became 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon One day races of the Nederland WHZB in 2007. She was bred out a grandson of "Flits" paired to a sister of "Mister Bond".
The great hen "Beatrice" was 3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat. A short distance at the Ostend Olympiad 2007. She was bred from "Scarlet Bond", a granddaughter to the "James Bond". Furthermore we also find the famous "Bange van 1964" and a sister of the "Wonderboy 05" in the roots of "Beatrice".

The new super pigeon "Ché"

The head of "Ché"

The quality of "Ché" is like the 'apple never falling far from the tree', and this is the great quality in his phenomenal genes. Let"s take a look at the list of 'illustrious crack pigeons'
and phenomenal 'Ace pigeons', who lie at the basis of the 'overwhelming performances' of the "Ché" and his descendants anon 2008! In the pedigree of his father we'll find illustrious names;
  • "Tornado", this crack who won 9 pure 1st prizes and also sires 1st National Munich 2001.
  • "Geeloger", this crack that won 16 pure 1st prizes at the Janssen Bros in Arendonk.
  • "Porsche Bond", 1st Ace pigeon in Amalgamation 1996 and grandsire 3x 1st NPO Winner.
  • "James Bond", 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Middle distance WHZB 1984 and winner 7 x 1st prizes.
  • "Goldrush", 1st National Ace pigeon WHZB 1991 and winner 11 x 1st prizes.

In the pedigree of his mother we"ll find even more champions like;

  • "Chicago", the great Van Loon producer who"s descendants won over 7x 1st National (NPO)
  • "Famous 05", 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Middle distance WHZB 1982 and winner 9x 1st prizes.
  • "Rocky", 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Short distance WHZB 1985 and winner 5x 1st prizes.
  • "Bange 780 hen", the Number 1 breeding hen out of "Bange of "64" x daughter "Merckx".
  • "Merckx of "67", this champion won 18 x 1st prizes.
  • "Flits", Olympia bird Utrecht '95 and 5th Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB 1984. He won 7 x 1st prizes.
  • "Miss Saigon", 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Short distance WHZB 2000.

The 'flying at the front' seems to be anchored in the genes, and carries on 'dominantly' from generation to generation! A 'quality' not to be scorned at for the stock building, and without doubt the basis of the top performances''  of his descendants within the last 2 years.

"Ché" is father of super racing pigeons such as;

  • NL06-971 "Fred", direct son won 2007 as yearling;
    - 34th NPO Orleans (556 Km) 4,250 birds
    - 99th NPO Offenburg (424 km) 3,680 birds
  • NL06-972 "Shilpa", direct daughter
    - 1st NPO Orleans (556 Km) 5,153 birds
    - 18th Chantilly (416 km) 4,189 birds
    - 27th Duffel (161 km) 2,244 birds
    - 44th Boxtel (85 km) 4,054 birds
  • NL07-948 "Carlos", direct son
    - 1st Chateauroux (675 km) "08 1,375 birds
    - 3rd NPO Chateauroux 2,407 birds
    - 12th NPO Gien (551 km) "08 3,987 birds
    - 20th Bourges (625 km) "08 1,655 birds
  • NL07-947 "Arantxa" direct daughter
    - 9th Arras (310 km) 7,572 birds
    - 18th NPO Peronne (335 km) 6,346 birds
    - 39th Strombeek (183 km) 2,244 birds
    - 40th Haasrode (176 km) 12,149 birds
    - 71st Boxtel (85 km) 15,529 birds
  • NL07-882 "Nuria", direct daughter
    - 2nd Duffel (161 Km) behind loft mate 6,451 birds
    - 12th Geel (133 km) 1,469 birds
    - 48th Pommeroeul (247 km) 5,964 birds
  • NL08-859 "Kilian", direct son
    - 2nd NPO Breuil la Vert (403 km) 5,800 birds
    - 82nd Morlincourt (330 km) 3,788 birds
  • Grandchildren from "Ché" winning
    - 2nd Epehy 1,542 birds
    - 3rd NPO Peronne 10,274 birds
    - 3rd Duffel 4,172 birds
    - 18th Boxtel 11,003 birds
    - 19th St Quentin 1,215 birds
    - 25th Peronne 4,229 birds
    - 59th Peronne 4,229 birds
    - 73rd NPO Pithiviers 7,848 birds
    - 74th NPO Breuil la Vert 5,800 birds
    - 92nd NPO Orleans 7,207 birds
    - 9th Ace pigeon Young birds Federation

The breeding lofts at the Greenfield Stud are populated with a real 'treasure' of pigeons, not only financially, but also where the 'class' and 'quality' is concerned! Almost unique in the world and almost impossible to equal.
The wondrous Eijerkamp - Janssen and
van Loon blood with figurehead "Ché" as exclusive signboard still has a leading role in the performances at the Eijerkamp racing lofts.

Evert-Jan Eijerkamp showing Louis Janssen how their Janssen descendants performed again well.

"Ché" is without no doubt the apple of the eye at Hans Eijerkamp and Sons anon 2008. This crack won 2006, within 6 days, 1st Arras (310 km) against 9,641 birds and 1st Nat. NPO Orleans (556 km) against 14,285 birds. After these great exploits he was put for breeding immediately where he proofed to be an exceptional breeder as well.