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 Bertie and Anna Camphuis

His Super Pair were children of Vos the Bijter and Schone Vos. He did a painting for Freek RomeIn and got paid with 2 egss from this famous couple.

Bertie paired the Cock from this eggs with a slate Hen from Wout Smeulders and they bred for him the "Famauze 05"

"Annie" was also bred from this pair and she was the Mother of the fabulous "James Bond"


History of Bertie Camphuis

A Living Legend
Bertie Camphuis was born in Zutphen on the 17th of May 1940, World War II had only just started then. In his younger years Bertie was only interested in sports, mostly volleyball and football. In football he was quit good and he made it until the regional team, unfortunately that career ended because of a knee injury. In 1965 Bertie married Annie and they got became the proud parents of daughter Nanette and son Bert. By now they already have three grandchildren: Bas, Jorick and Mick. In 1967 Bertie came in touch with pigeons for the first time. His father was a good pigeon fancier and when he became ill, young Bertie -who lived close by- took care of the birds. From that moment on father and son raced together and that lasted for 10 years. In 1976 Bertie's father passed away at the age of 67.

After Camphuis senior passed away, Bertie started to race for himself. Therefore the breeding lofts had to be shrunk, because that took too much time. Bertie’s mother didn’t want to select out any pigeon that belonged to his father, but Bertie said: ,,my mother knew that there were pigeons, but what she did not know, is how many! On one day, at night, Bertie went to the breeding loft and started the selection, from the 25 pairs only six were left. Two pairs were excellent pairs and one super pair. This pair was 'The Red' (NL74-1262495) x 'The Slaty' (NL72-516418), there had probably never been a better pair in Dutch pigeon sport ever.

In the night of 22 November 1980 the nightmare of every fancier happened at Bertie’s loft. Someone broke in the breeding loft and disappeared with his three best breeding pairs. The burglar had to be very well known with the pigeons of Bertie Camphuis, because although the birds were separate cocks and hens, exactly the three best pairs were stolen. The ring numbers of the stolen birds were: NL72-516418, NL74-1262495, NL75-277233, NL74-1262471, NL75-1866949, NL74-1156803. The Camphuis family was of course very upset, it is a big thing if your best pairs are stolen, each of them with excellent breeding value in many generations. Despite the misfortune Bertie held his head up high and moved the children of his racing birds to the breeding lofts, to keep the bloodlines of his birds in tact. Because of this awful situation the expectation for those racing seasons were not that high, even still Bertie achieved to become champion of the Salland Amalgamation (2,000 members) in ’81 and 82’.

Quitting the pigeon sport
In 1983 Bertie made the decision to stop with the pigeon sport. The reason was that after the robbery of his breeders another set-back happened. A few racing pigeons were found dead at the flying loft. The cause: poisoning. Bertie was so disappointed he decided to stop in pigeon racing. Another reason was the fact that there were always visitors at his house. In those days Bertie had a busy job and came home late at night. His children were still young then and needed the attention of their father. Bertie was not able to combine it all together. In 1983 all the birds were bought by Hans Eijerkamp. Now, many years later, it can be said the purchase at Camphuis was the best purchase Eijerkamp ever did. Only one of the by Eijerkamp purchased birds was situated on the Eijerkamp racing lofts. This bird was NL83-1774035 'Vale Bertanus' a beautiful mealy cock of the old lines. He won 1st National Hof, the trend was set for the Camphuis pigeons in Brummen. At the lofts of Hans Eijerkamp the descendants of the Camphuis pigeons performed great. And brought the Eijerkamp lofts to a higher level.

In the beginning of 1984 the Camphuis family moved from Kerklaan to Gaanderij in Eefde. Bertie spend all of his time on the house, a lot had to be done. But when the house was almost ready he had time for himself. In the weekends, when the pigeons had to come home from the race he spend his time with other pigeon fanciers, to watch the birds. This went on for a number of months until Annie said to Bertie. ,,I think it is time for you to start racing pigeons again.'' Bertus agreed and in 1985 he started again. At close friends he picked up some pigeons of the old Camphuis line. And again he went to Wout Smeulders and there he picked up some pigeons of the 'Old Slaty'-line. Bertie was also looking for a good line of pigeons to cross them with his old lines and that was found in the line of 'Verbart 46'. To complete it some pigeons from Klaas Krom came to Eefde. From that time the master started building up his own pigeon line again.

The final end of racing
In 1998 Bertie again did extremely well on short and middle distance races. '406' grabbed the tilte best middle distance bird in the Fed Zutphen. He won a/o 1st - 4,757 b. and 2nd 3,079 b. He was bred from a Van Loon cock when paired to a hen (also dam national Orleans '93 winner) from the lines of 'Wonderboys' and 'Famous 05'. Another topper this year was NL97-5775939. In 1998 Bertie was already thinking about stopping with pigeonracing. After a heavy hart operation in 1992 his health was getting worse again in 1998, so he decided to stop racing the old birds. Competing on a high level takes a lot of work and costs a lot of labour time, something Bertie's health did not allow. 1999 was his last year and Bertie ended in style: 2nd on short and middle distance in the Combine. The good racers moved to the breeding loft the rest of the pigeons were sold to different fanciers all over the world.

In the season 2000 and 2001 Bertie still played with young birds, but from 2002 on he stopped that too. These days Bertie has 24 breeding pairs the first round of youngsters goes to a fancier in a place called Laren. This because Bertie wants to know how the performances are from youngsters at the races, out of the breeding pairs. He needs his breeding lofts to be tested, to keep only the highest quality imaginable. Breeding has always been a passion of the champion from Eefde, and now he can spend all his time on that. The Camphuis-birds go all over the world, with great success, it would take pages to name them all. Bertie Camphuis has always been a normal man and has excepted his successes in a great way. He is really a pigeon fancier of exceptional class, that has not met his equal match yet.

The Super Pair

In 1972 Camphuis senior had to pick up some new youngsters at Wout Smeulders and Bertie said: ,,this time you'd better bring home some good youngsters.'' Camphuis senior answered ,,if you know it so well, go with me and you pick them out.'' When they were at Wout Smeulders, Bertie went into the young bird loft to choose out a young bird. After a few minutes he was already out and said he could not find the bird he was looking for. Camphuis senior was very embarrassed and Wout Smeulders went back to the house. On their way the three passed the flying loft and Bertie saw a beautiful (slaty) youngster in one of the breeding boxes. Bertie said that he liked that pigeon and so the NL 72-516418 moved to Eefde. Two years later, in 1974, Freek Romein was building a new house in Twello and wanted a nice painting in one of the rooms. So he contacted Camphuis senior, and after making the painting he was paid with pigeons/eggs. Freek Romein just bought a nice red cock and hen, and coupled them together. Camphuis senior was very interested in some eggs and therefore two eggs moved to Eefde. Later this pair would be famous as 'Vos de Bijter' x 'Schoon Voske' and would produce many top pigeons, like a/o 'Rooie Appie', a cockbird of exceptional class.

And that is how the pigeons of the Super pair made their entrance in the Camphuis loft. This pair was 'The Red' (NL74-1262495) x 'The Slaty' (NL72-516418), there had probably never been a better pair in Dutch pigeon sport ever. In this pedigrees of this illustrious pair on the dams side the bloodlines from 'Olympiad Cock', 'Kanon' and 'Old Slaty' of Wout Smeulders, Nuenen can be found. From the sires side the old Albert van de Flaes lines (from Ravels, Belgium) were in the pedigree; the famous pair 'Vos de Bijter' x 'Schoon Voske' originated from Van de Flaes.

Some of the best youngsters from the Super Pair 495 x 418 were:

NL77-476105 'Famous 05': Best Middle Distance cock of The Netherlands WHZB 1981
Winner of a/o: 1st St Ghislain 3,187 b. 1st Pt St Maxence 1,608 b. 1st Soignies 1,577 b.
2nd Compiegne 3,897 b. 2nd St Ghislain 1,792 b. 2nd Compiegne 2,093 b.
He was not only a good racer, probably an even better breeder as his descendants keep on winning 1st prizes and National titles for generations and generations . . .

NL78-1640241 'De Rooie 41'; full brother to 'Famous 05'.
Bertie Camphuis said about this bird: ,,I know 'De Rooie 41' was even better then his brother 'Famous 05'. As a two year old cock he already won three first prizes. In total he won 5 x 1st. Unfortunately 'De Rooie 41' came home one day and was badly injured, his whole beak was gone and Bertie had to kill him.

NL80-1797011 'Annie'; Dam to the fabulous 'James Bond'.
As a youngster she became young bird champion and won many first prizes. But she obtained her true fame as she became the dam of the world famous 'James Bond', best middle distance bird of The Netherlands 1984, as a yearling

Famous 05


Car winner